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About ICSE

ICSE is an educational entity present in the Canary Islands since 1979. During more than four decades has based its principal activity in the educational ambit; are uncountable the amount of courses and training programmes done by this Company, having had more than 120.000 students in the classes for the last 40 years.

To the essence of ICSE, training, must be added a firm social commitment of the entity with environment as diverse, but fundamentally as gender equality, inclusion of people with disabilities, sustainability, environment and care for people at risk of social exclusion, among other actions.


  • To train in a permanent and innovative way, professionals, businessmen, workers and students from different sectors through quality education.
  • To investigate and disseminate scientific, cultural, environmental and technological advances in the Canary Islands.
  • To promote the development of knowledge in favor of the job placement in public and private sectors.
  • To promote accessibility in education and work.
  • To stimulate equal opportunities in all sectors.
  • To hold academic and social meetings with the involvement of relevant personalities from the political and sociocultural field of the region for a greater repercussion.

Companies of ICSE Group


Fundación Canaria ICSE

The year 2000 is the year of birth of the Fundación Canaria ICSE, a non-profit entity, whose nature is essentially socio-cultural and educational, and its main objective is to carry out training actions framed in topics of maximum interest and social concern for the Canary Islands. : Environment, Immigration, Justice and Security, Family and Violence, Disability and Accessibility, Health and Aging, Education and Skills Development, ...

The Foundation assumes the experience, methodology, human and technical resources of ICSE Business Group, which, in turn, it supports and complements. Its essential mission is to promote the development and dissemination of knowledge, through courses, congresses, conferences, debates and meetings; Promote studies of the Canarian reality in relation to culture, customs, geography, economy, and environment.

It is also constituted with the purpose of promoting Higher University Studies in the Canary Islands. It collaborates with the regional and local administration in programs for Labor Insertion, Training for Employment, Immigrant Integration Service, Care for People with Disabilities, Sustainable Development and Environment, Information Security, etc.



It develops educational activities at its different levels and subjects framed in the professional practice of the sciences and techniques of Psychology and Education, including clinical, industrial and pedagogical aspects.

Its social objective and its founding commitment are based on carrying out any activity related to the teaching and professional practice of Psychology, taking into account the principles of primacy of Human Rights, observance of the democratic and constitutional order, independence and respect for the political, religious and ideological pluralism, and defense of equality and non-discrimination.



Its creation is due to the need to expand ICSE's fields of action and to contribute to business development in the Canary Islands and its environment. Organizes and coordinates non-regulated education courses and postgraduate, improvement and updating courses. Promotes and develops studies of the Canarian reality in relation to its culture, customs, history, geography, economy, legislation, etc.

It holds meetings, conferences and debates on culture, science and technology. It publishes books and monographs on scientific, educational and humanities matters, and prepares technical and didactic material. It contributes to reinforcing the firm's commitment to excellence in service, transparency and sustainability through social, institutional and business dialogue.



It concentrates its activity on supporting the technological infrastructure of the business group and has specialized in the distribution and production of technical computer and didactic resources, computer material, technical books, tests and office automation products, production and commercialization of software (standard and custom ), manuals and computer programs, technical maintenance service, consultancy, technical training courses, development of applications in the technological and computer field, installation of communication networks, provision of professional services to companies and individuals, graphic and artistic design, layout of publications, design of Web pages, development and control of the online platform and the virtual campus of ICSE.



It is the youngest company in the group. Established in Tenerife, it appropriates the experience and management model of the ICSE organization. It focuses its services and activity on preferential and comprehensive attention to the company, its demands, needs and priorities in consulting and training.

It is the entity that will orient its products to advice and training in the environment of the business sector. It was born with a clear mission: to contribute to the business development of the Canary Islands through the training and preparation of its human resources, administrative management, the work environment, ...

Its firm commitment to innovation and technology, together with the contributions of psychology and the social sciences, highlight its efficiency and its exemplary management, which hopes to keep up with the times to offer the best services to the private sector. It guides and advises companies so that they carry out an efficient and responsible business practice.



Established in 2018 with the aim of developing training activities and virtual and bookstore teaching resources.



Its object is any activity directly or indirectly related to teaching at its different levels and orders of subjects with the professional practice of Psychology and Education sciences, the creation, academic direction and administration of the centers.