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Franchy Roca Dental Clinic

FRDC is committed to offer a 15% discount in orthodontics and a 5% one in the rest of treatments to ICSE students, teachers and administrative and service staff*
*Invisaling treatment and high range implantology are excluded.
*Discount not applicable to special offers.

FRDC is committed to apply the same discount of people from educational community to their immediate family (parents and children).

The financing offered by the FRDC will be until 24 months interest-free, always subject to approval by the financial institution.

In addition, the ICSE educational communitiy will be able to benefit from the following free performances:

  • General odontological consultation, exploration y diagnosis
  • Review visit
  • Emergency visit
  • Dental education
  • Teaching of brushing techniques
  • Topical application of fluor (Maximum once a year)
  • Cures
  • Suture removal
  • Selective carving
  • Annual implant study
  • Post-operative control
  • Specialist consultation, orthodontics, implants, periodontics…
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360 Funcional Box - El Templo

Training center with multiple activities offered. The educational community of ICSE have a 10% discount over the current rate. Non cumulative with other offer.

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Gourmet hamburguer joint with meat and fish. All members of educational community have a 20% discount in lunch or dinner from Monday to Thursday, non cumulative to other offer of premise.

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CC El Muelle Parking


  • 24h suscription for every weekday
  • Bought of user card (5€, just first month)
  • 43€/month rate
  • First month in cash

Those interested in formalizing this suscription must contact Miguel Rodríguez via email (migueltsafd@icse.es) in order to include them within a list that will be provided to the parking administration, as well as to fill in a phisical form available in the center and go to generate their suspcrition in the offices located at the floor -2 of the parking lot.

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Banana Computer, Apple Premium Reseller in the Canary Islands

Special discounts for students and teaching staff of ICSE.

Validity, discounts and limitation of units.

The following discounts are valid from july 1 until september 30, 2022:

  • iMac and MacBook Pro: 7% discount. MacBook Air from 999€.
  • Pads: 6% discount. iPad 9th Gen from 329€.
  • AppleTV: 6% discount.
  • Accessories like hard disks, keyboards, Apple Pencil, earphones, covers, bateries, chargers, charging cables...: 6% discount.
  • Watch: 3% discount.
  • iPhone: 2% discount.

Remember that, applying these discounts, you can buy this course a maximum of one iPad, one Mac, one iPhone, one Watch and up to two accessories for every device. The user that wants to make a purchase can follow the instructions, detailed in the document that can be visualised doing click here

ICSE promotions

Toy Stand

Get the official microphone from the program La Voz and the drones Zubo y Zubo-RC at reduced price, with a 25% discount from the retail price.